May 1999
7.7 mi.  AVS50   G13   9" 

From origin at King and 5th St to the 280/1 split. 4/4 west of the 101 interchange. 3/3 east of 101 switching eastbound from double-deck to adjacent divided at Army St.

Events southbound from King St origin:
0.0: Begin King St on ramp
0.7: 18th St, Mariposa St
1.4: 25th St, Army St
2.1: becomes double-deck
2.8: Hwy 101 South (2 lanes left, 1 optional) No 101 North
3.3: interchange complete
3.6: Alemany Blvd, Mission St
4.5: Monterey Blvd
5.4: Ocean Av, Geneva Av: City College, Cow Palace
6.3: Mission St: Hwy 82, Hwy 1 North: 19th Ave, SF State University
7.1: Westlake District: John Daly Blvd: to Thornton Beachº
7.4: San Mateo County line, Daly City limit (pop 101,500)

Events  northbound from San Mateo County line:
1.7: Geneva Av, Ocean Av
2.6: San Jose Av, Bosworth St
3.6: Alemany Blvd
4.1: Hwy 101 South (2 lanes right) 
4.2: Hwy 101 North (2 lanes left)
5.3: Army St
6.6: Mariposa St
7.1: 6th St (to I-80)
7.7: 280 ends, descends to become 5th St at King St

Hwy 280 gets the utilitarian gold medal for use in San Francisco. This is due in no small part to its size, speed and excellent new construction. A problem with 280 is difficulty of navigating to intended streets from its complex exits. It is therefore more important here to use a map. The interchange with Alemany Blvd and Brotherhood Wy is especially confusing, making it a poor way to access Lake Merced. Greatest probability of heavy traffic is southbound between downtown and Hwy 101. The only park accessed directly is Balboa Park. Hwy 280 is an excellent way to access Hwy 1 to the coast of San Mateo county. Exits are significantly different in opposing directions.

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