October 1998
1.9 mi.  G12

From split off Sloat Blvd. Usually 2/2 with extra left turn lanes. 8 miles from Sloat to Hwy 280. 20 miles from Sloat to Hwy 92.

Events: from Sloat Blvd
0.1: Lake Merced Av, Herbst Rd (to back of SF Zoo)
0.5: Lake Merced: parking, boat house, picnic area
0.6: JCT Great Highway
1.2: John Muir Dr, John Muir access-Fort Funston (parking for est15 cars)
1.5: Fort Funston main entrance
1.8: Olympic Country Club (east only)
1.9: San Mateo County line

Probably the best way to get in and out of San Francisco is Hwy 35. Although only 1/1 to 2/2 lanes until joining up with Hwy 280, it is generally low congestion at 40-50 mph and prettier than other alternatives, although it does get slowed down by occasional traffic lights. Between the S.F. Zoo and its joining with Hwy 280, Hwy 35 climbs to and stays at an astoundingly high altitude for being this close to the ocean. There are very tall cliffs close to shore here, a fact which is most dramatically demonstrated by the monstrous slopes at mid-Daly City. A scenic highlight is the relatively high altitude stretch in Daly City which gives a long view over the South San Francisco basin to San Bruno Mountain and the bay. There is surprisingly little view of the ocean. In San Francisco, Hwy 35 accesses Lake Merced and the Fort Funston Area. The Fort Funston beach strip is accessible from the main entrance, and though it involves a difficult 'sand ladder' return climb, it is the most recommended beach access in San Francisco. The beach is also accessible from the John Muir Entrance with more of a hike to. Hwy 35 has some extended est 7% grades between Great Highway and Hwy 1. It supports a nice paved shoulder, but would make for a difficult bike ride. It is not popular for this use.

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