This is an independent project created by Joseph Stubbs. The intention is to survey for the most amazing places in any given region with regards to the natural environment, in this case San Francisco. The original state of this perception is critical and is not substituted with heresay or secondhand accounts. The focus is on natural areas with special attention to unusual features from an aesthetic point of view. Historical information is also included where it is deemed interesting, but is not the main focus of this project. A recommended source for historical information on San Francisco parks is

The content of this site draws on the views and impressions of this author. Some impressions and opinions may not be shared by the reader, or may not be consistent with the intent of park planners and park activists. Any errors, either factual or grammatical belong to this author and no one else. The final draft of this project was completed in May of 2001 but also draws on surveys dating back to 1998. Information may or may not be updated as it changes with time. The date of a survey is always noted in any description of a park or beach.

This project is not exhaustive. It chooses certain parks, for example, based on qualities which make them special in my opinion. Some parks are not discussed. No slight is intended to those parks not covered, as all parks are generaly a good thing.

Information on history often comes from other websites. Any text used from another website is bracketed, credited to the authoring site, and a link provided. All other text is original and is copyrighted by Joseph Stubbs, 2001. All photographs are taken by Joseph Stubbs and copyrighted.

I hope you enjoy this site, and that it helps increase an appreciation of San Francisco's parks and natural areas. To communicate with me please email Joseph Stubbs at: