May 2001

Kind: Major beach along extensively renovated landfill.
Location: Presidio. Parking on Marshall off Mason or under freeway off Halleck.
Facilities: Restroom at Marshall lot. Picnic area at west end.
Fee/Open: No fee. Assume close at dusk.
Dogs: Fair. Dogs on leash to protect quarantined wetland habitat. Some off leash water fun potential at the estuary interface and on the beach.

Crissy Field today has an est. 0.8 mile long beach with an excellent view over the channel to Sausalito, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Angel Island, etc. It exists in the context of a newly restored area of coastal strand wetland which is phenomenal but completely quarantined with ropes. The beach is fully roamable but with little to explore. It is about 200' wide with very clean sand and an absolute absence of stones, driftwood, or natural rock formations. Because it is a Bay channel beach, there is virtually no wave break. The most interesting (and popular) feature is the tidal estuary interface. It is shallow at about 1-2' deep. Moppy brown algae growth on rock banking detracts from the 'sense' of cleanliness however. This is a good beach for sea kayak and sailboard but roaming too far from shore will probably involve currents. The water is quickly deep, but good for wading. The beach is nice for a long shoreline walk. This beach is not crowded as most people seem to stay to the promenade. It is usually very windy.

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