June 1999

Type: Municipal Park, 11 acres.
Entrance Location: Street park anywhere around periphery. North west corner entrance at Fulton and Scott.
Facilities: Tennis courts, water, benches, paved paths. No restroom access.
Fee-Hours: No fee. No known curfew.

If seeing victorian architecture is my goal, then I can wander the city finding incredible examples of it here and there, parking problems more common than not. Or, I can simply come to Alamo Square Park and be surrounded by the Alamo Square Historical Area. The four-block rectangular park is circled by showcase victorian homes. Perhaps at the top of the pyramid is the Westerfield House on the corner of Fulton and Scott. This incredible 3 level spired corner victorian is as much a museum inside and out as a living residence. Corner victorians tend to be the most palatial, as is typically demonstrated throughout the city.

The park itself is pleasant sunny lawns, mostly on mild slopes, with a few large cypress trees and tennis courts. It is a good neighborhood with a fair degree of activity, and the park is moderately populated with people who are both interesting and friendly. Its naturalistic qualities are minimal but it is an excellent space in which to relax and study the abundance of fine architecture. That is the outstanding quality here. Downtown San Francisco can be seen peeking over a line of victorians on the east side, a picturesque scene which inspired a famous photograph used to portray San Francisco on postcards throughout the world.


The Westerfield House, Alamo Square