May 1999

Type: Municipal Park
Entrance Location: This is a circular park with Holly Park Circle entirely circumnavigating it. The park may be accessed from anywhere, but main entrance is at Highland St street parking.
Facilities: Lockout restroom (no facility). Basketball, softball field, and tennis courts. 2 picnic tables, each with post grill. Water. Small playground. Phone unknown.
Fee-Hours: No fee. Park is closed 10pm - 6am every day.
Dogs: Fair. Off leash ok. Mostly moderate slopes.

Holly Park is a unique treatment of a hilltop park. It gives the impression of being a very interesting park from a distance with its circular shape and tall graceful cypress trees. This, ironically, is less the case when one actually arrives. Up close the park surrenders to a more commonplace feeling of standard lawns and planted flower beds. What the park lacks is any real naturalistic character. The park is developed for recreational sports, however, and therein lies its greatest distinction. It is perhaps the nicest setting in the city for what it has, namely a full basketball court, flat baseball field, and tennis courts. This is due to its elevated location with city views. The park also has 2 picnic tables with grills and a small playground. The park is well kept with a restroom that is padlocked barring an event. There is a clear view to nearby Bernal Heights and the surrounding neighborhood is quietly residential. It should be noted that the park is close enough to Mission that it may be within the pervue of gang activity. This 'sense' has not been substantiated. Visitation to this park is quite low, and it seems unusual on a Saturday to see so much well kept lawn area so empty of people. Wide spacing between tall cypress trees keeps the demeanor mostly sunny and there are no dense brush areas. This is a neighborhood park with special relavence to residents here, and is interesting enough to be noteworthy. It doesn't warrant a significant commute to visit, however.

Best Features: Best setting in the city for basketball courts, soccer field. Elevated views to parts of the surrounding city. Well kept lawn areas. Easy parking. Uncrowded.

Worst Features: Visitation is uncomfortably low. Neighborhood character ambivalent. No natural areas.