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Clip art was never like this. 91 spontaneously rendered but carefully hand-picked graphics from hundreds of hand rendered trials. Highly LZW compressed TIFFs are suitably crisp for use in professional design to satisfy most requirements. Various strokes and underlines for ink brush, grease pencil, marker and pen as well as circles, checks and of course, splatters and drips. Comes with an easy reference visual catalogue of all graphics. This product comes on CD-ROM and is available for $35. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

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Download a freeware sampling of the product and a detailed product PDF. This package contains all the individual templates listed below. Contents are in a .sit archive. Stuffit Expander is required. If you don't have it, Stuffit Expander is available free from Aladdin Systems. Quark XPress is required to use this product. Archive size is 240k.

Designer Templates

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Download detailed product PDF with a freeware sampling of the product. Contents are in a WinZip .exe archive which can extract itself. You do not need to have WinZip. Quark XPress is required to use this product. Archive size is 244k.