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Professionally exacting templates for everything from business cards to video box casings. 150 templates for the most common formats bound for press, all initially on master pages. Here's just a portion of what you can expect:

Announcement style envelopes and cards, commercial style envelopes, Avery label sheets, business cards, 2,3 & 4 panel brochures with creep adjustments for various folding styles, audio cassette, video cassette, compact disk, book, newsletter, Rollodex cards, ZIP/Syquest labels, templates for easy dingbat reference pages, and more.

Useful templates created by a designer for designers. Trims are always registration color. Multiple impositions wherever standard page sizes allow with a 4-up maximum. Templates use letter or legal page sizes wherever possible. Full product is available for $35. Freeware sampling can be downloaded below. Satisfaction guaranteed or money back.

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Download a freeware sampling of the product and a detailed product PDF. This package contains all the individual templates listed below. Contents are in a .sit archive. Stuffit Expander is required. If you don't have it, Stuffit Expander is available free from Aladdin Systems. Quark XPress is required to use this product. Archive size is 80k.

Freeware Mac Download Examples:
Horizontal business card, 4 up
Announcement A6 card/envelope
Avery 5261 label sheet (1" x 4" labels)
Brochure, 4 panel, barrel fold
Standard open end video box

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Download detailed product PDF with a freeware sampling of the product. Contents are in a WinZip .exe archive which can extract itself. You do not need to have WinZip. Quark XPress is required to use this product. Archive size is 64k.

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