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Complete Template List
Designer Templates 2.1 contains 150 templates which includes the different varieties for factors such as number of impositions (i.e. 4-up, 2-up), folding variations, bleed variations, orientation, etc. The following is a list of the template formats found in the full product:


Announcement Envelopes/Cards (48 templates). (includes 2-up[or folding] and 4-up cards with and without bleed where possible:
#4 (Baronial)
#5 (Baronial)

Avery Laser Label Sheets (7 templates):
Avery 5164 (3 1/3" by 4")
Avery 5196 (Mac Floppy Labels)
Avery 5197 (PC Floppy Labels)
Avery 5260 (1" by 2 5/8")
Avery 5261 (1" by 4")
Avery 5262 (1 1/3" by 4")
Avery 5276 (Slide Mount Labels)
Avery 5385 (Rollodex Card) (in Special)

Book Templates (5 templates):
Half Page Layout: 5.5" by 8.5" pages as reader spreads
Quarter Page Layout: 5.5" by 4.25" pages as 32 page signatures

Brochure (17 templates):
2 Panel (for 2/3 of a letter size page)
3 Panel (standard, letter size page)
4 Panel (3 varieties: Parallel, Barrel and Gate Folds)

Business Card (8 templates). 4-up, includes no bleed, parallel bleeds, and full bleed:
Horizontal (wide card)
Vertical (tall card)

Official/Commercial Envelopes (22 templates):
#6 1/4
#6 3/4
#7 3/4 (Monarch)
#8 5/8

Special Applications (43 templates):
CD Template (10 templates): Baseplate, insert, and actual disk. Insert varieties: 1 panel, 2 panel and 4 panel square folding. Includes commercial disk label sheet templates for DesktopLabel 3302 and 3303 and CD Stomper 2-up.
Audio Cassette (8 templates): 3 cover options for a fold out flap, adhesive body label (10-up).
Video Box Casing (6 templates): Slip-in single sheet, and three varieties on the open bottom video box casing.
Rollodex Card (2 templates): 4-up Ready Print layout, 6-up Avery [5385].
Newsletter (1 template): Newsletter: 2 column standard, 6 pre-defined text styles, mailing panel
ZIP Disk Case Labels (3 templates): 4 up for slip-in square front
Calendar (2 templates): Half-letter page horizontal format, versions for large and small numbers.
Music Tablature Sheets (7 templates): Blanks for hand notation on letter sized paper. Blank bars, 2/3, 3/4, 4/4 time with or without vocal line.
Pictographic Templates (3 magnificent templates): For printing quick reference sheets of pictographic font characters (e.g. dingbats, etc.). Mac templates for lower case, lower case plus shift, and lower plus shift plus option plus shift-option.

Designer Strokes & Splatters

Designer Templates