The Berkeley Southside project is a unique endeavor. It explores an original graphical method of how to showcase the architecture in this important historical area on the web and in PDF form. It incorporates superb photographs of 138 buildings in this 40 block area in the Berkeley south of campus region with a navigable map. The map uses symbols showing every street facing building and how the older architectural styles are still distributed today. Especially significant architectural individuals are clickable, and linked to photographs which are annotated with historcial data. The full project exists as a 117 Mb PDF file showing sizeable photos which can be subtantially enlarged to explore detail. The full project is now also available here on the web for viewing.

This project is the first of its kind, and is prototypal for what may be an expanded exploration of other districts in Berkeley and/or elsewhere. It is my hope that projects such as this can play a role in preservation efforts.