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Berkeley's most common form, borrowed from the estates of eastern America. It is characterized by a hipped roof in which is nested a dormered window, thin horizontal paneling known as clapboard siding, and classical ornamentation borrowed from greek and roman motifs. Often distinguished further by faux columns as an ornamental facade running up the corners, square dentils, smooth paneling under eves and open air porches. Ranges from ornate to the very simple Neo-Classic Rowhouse (usually with shingles), little porches and modest neo-classical ornamentation (doric or corinthian columns, etc.). The most elaborate manifestation is perhaps the Georgian Revival form. This is found in the wealthier areas and is often noted by a more spread out manor-like shape with a central portico reminiscent of ancient Greece and numerous thin dormered windows in the roof. The Classic Box was the 'fancy' version of the most common form: a simple cube with ornamentation and a porch. The Classic Box was ornamented with faux pilasters up the corners and elaborate detailing. They were mass produced but have been largely degraded by renovation or resurfacing in stucco, shingles, or asbestos shingles. Classic Boxes retaining their original character are noted as subtype 'a.' Note that the most spectacular examples of Colonial Revival are not Classic Boxes. The high-end examples are more individually designed and have complex layouts, round or octagonal corner towers, elaborate front porches, front balconies, and are generally large. As with Queen Anne Victorians, corner houses tend to be the most spectacular examples of the form. Another subtype noted is quite different. Multilevel apartment buildings with a generally straight face and flat roof are like the Edwardian duplexes common in San Francisco. But with elaborate Colonial ornamentation along the eve lines and elsewhere, they are considered here as Colonial under type c. Other Colonial forms exist which are distinctive, but are relatively scarce. The default type of siding (no siding notation) is clapboard siding.