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The Berkeley Southside Project is created by Joseph Stubbs. It photographically showcases 138 buildings in this important historical area using a special map to navigate. A four block section of the forty block survey is shown on this page. Click the red building symbols on the big map below to see the photographs. To view the full forty block map with picture links, click the View Full Resource button to the right. The full map is 144K and so may take some time to load if you are using a modem.
Extensive symbology is used to reduce visual clutter and yet still give maximum information about the buildings. The shape symbols you see represent architectural styles from the 1880s to 1930s. Click the Key To Symbols button to see what they mean.
For a slightly more in-depth introduction to this project click the Project Description button. This project is available on CD as a wonderful PDF with much more detail to the photographs. This is available for $20 by clicking on the Order button.


Copyright © 2004 by Joseph Stubbs